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National Animal Welfare Trust

Gertrude's Brave Escape - By Julia Edge

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Julia Edge (author) is passionate about animal welfare and supports the work of NAWT whole heartedly. Julia was thrilled to be able to donate her books to NAWT and hopes that everyone enjoys reading about how brave Gertrude is.

Gertrude's Brave Escape
A children's adventure story about a little rescued Pekingese dog

Suitable for children aged 6 to 9 years

As a vulnerable, frightened Pekingese puppy Gertrude has only one friend, the little girl. But she cannot protect Gertrude forever and when she leaves her outside the Dogs Home Gertrude is more terrified than ever before.

It is not long before she finds a new loving home with Miss Dee, but Gertrude often wonders if her brothers and sisters are still alive and she decides to try and find them.

Soon she encounters the magical Blue Lion, and another Pekingese, the haughty Lady Jade Thundergrowl of Sianking. In no time at all her life is in great danger and she has to prove that like her ancestors, she really can be as brave as a lion.

Book: 62 page hardback
Published: Blue Lion 2005
Language: English
ISBN: 0954972600