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National Animal Welfare Trust

Dog Snuffle Mat with Arden Grange Training Treats

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Dog Snuffle Mat - includes Arden Grange Dog Treats

Various colours

Give your pup the ultimate sniffing experience with a handmade Dog Snuffle Mat! Crafted with a range of textures, the mat provides a stimulating, foraging experience, while keeping your carpets and garden safe from prying paws. Let your pup explore and connect with their natural instincts in a safe and controlled environment!

The mats are made by prisoners at HMP High Down who want to be involved in charity work and support NAWT.

NAWT supplies all the materials for this project and all proceeds go towards NAWT .
Simply fill with treats and watch your dog use scent work to keep them busy.
The mats are a good size 16 x12 inches at the base plate so a bit bigger overall.

  • Fully machine washable at 30 degrees temperature
  • Size 16"x12" minimum
  • Arden Grange Treats included
  • Random colour/pattern selection will be chosen as all these mats are one of a kind

Limited stock available.